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Facilities First | Workplace Technology
Do you spend many hours in travel or working overtime on reports to get information that you would like to have readily available on your computer wherever you are? Whenever you want?

Let us work with you to set up a new program or tune up and maintain your existing program to effectively manage real estate decisions and impacts, strategic space planning, local space utilization, moves, operations and projects in order to optimize the productivity of the core staff of your company.

We understand your facilities issues and know the tools that can help, how to set them up and how to get you and your staff trained to get the efficiencies and informaton you need to stay on top of your portfolio and give you the power to make informed decisions for your company.

Facilities First is a Certified Reseller and Services Provider of "CenterStone" by Manhattan Software.


CenterStone by Manhattan

  • Needs Assessment
  • Space Management
  • Asset Management
  • Lease and Portfolio Management
  • Operation and Work Order Management
  • Review/Development of Processes, Procedures, Workflow, etc
  • Preparation of scope statements
  • Setup of various modules and modes eg. Lease, Assets, Space, Operations, Project Management
  • Data verification & input
  • Drawing cleanup/polylining
  • Development of custom views, reports, etc
  • Lease document abstraction
  • Testing and refinement
  • Project setup documentation
  • Process documentation
  • Preparation documentation
  • Use documentation
  • Training of onsite team to properly manage data and drawings
  • Training for operations and maintenance
  • Team training and review sessions
  • Individual, personalized “sit-beside you” training
  • Customized web training
  • Ongoing data entry support for multiple platforms (eg.Centerstone, Archibus & Aperture)
  • Set up of additional new drawings
  • Recording changes and staying up to date
  • Preparing data for moves, ads and changes (MAC)
  • Reporting setups and retrieval
  • Field verifications