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Are you too short on time to develop the scenario planning/big picture and metric tools that you would like to to effectively communicate your solutions to senior executives and others?

We can supplement your efforts and support you to provide metrics, benchmarking information, pro-active formulation of standards, documentation, processes and programs to plan and manage your portfolio.

Our services provide you with many options for any economic, cultural and environment shifts. We are ever mindful of resourceful and “green” alternatives and can develop specific detailed programs for initiation or rejuvenation of your current status.

Strategic Planning
  • Establish & Document Baseline
  • Business Unit Interviews & Needs Analysis
  • Create Timeline of Future Space Requirements
  • Define Master Planning Scenarios
  • Complete presentation reports that quickly provide senior management with decisionmaking information
  • Provide scenario master planning evaluation
Space Planning & Commercial Interior Design
  • AutoCad Services
  • Space Utilization
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Develop Space Standards and Evacuation Plans
  • Programming
  • Furniture
  • Data Gathering & Reports
  • Benchmarking Internal Data and Processes
  • Benchmarking against External Data
  • Refining/Documenting Internal Processes
Standards & Process Development
  • Work Request Processing
  • Documentation/Manuals of Facilities & Office Services Practices
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs of Building Systems
  • General and Fire Safety Programs
  • Security & Access Control Programs
  • HMPP Documentation
Sustainability & Green Initiatives
  • Program Development and Management of your Green and Sustainability Initiatives
  • Review, Evaluate and Re-energize Your In-house Programs
  • Energy Audits and Develop Project Scoping & Budgets
  • Develop Your Metrics for Current Energy Consumption, Conservation, Benchmarks and Future Goals